Similar to Walt Disney in the case of the word "Imagineer":
The word Imagineer was derived by Walt Disney himself. It is a combination of the words "imagination" and "engineer"... Imagineers are effectively "engineers with imagination."

Envisioneering, however, is a combination of the words "Envision" and "Engineering"

Merriam-Webster Definitions

Main Entry:
: to picture to oneself or to picture in the mind
synonym: Think

Main Entry:
1 : to lay out, construct, or manage as an engineer

2 a : to contrive or plan out usually with more or less subtle skill and craft
2 b : to guide the course of
synonym: Guide

Therefore, an Envisioneer is an individual with strong visionary skills who can then guide, plan, contrive, layout or construct what they have thought or mentally pictured.

Comp Edge Solutions looks at a system or process and begins envisioning possibilities, improvements, current available solutions, new ways of applying existing technology, thinking outside the box as to what could be developed using what exists or what does not exist yet, and then guides the construction of, or develops what has been envisioned.

The result is a process or system that pushes beyond the status quo, sharpening the client's competitive edge and advantage.



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